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Solar Thermal Hot Water System

YS Solar is experienced solution provider on solar thermal systems, with strong R&D ability, steady production advantage and years of O&M experiences for governmental projects. The features of solar thermal hot water systems:

1. Environmental benefits - reduce environmental pollution and the production of carbon dioxide, compared to the use of fossil fuels to produce hot water.

2. Save Energy - Solar energy is for everyone, and anyone with space and equipment can use it for free.

3. Safety –Solar energy is safe, unlike the risk of explosion or poisoning when using gas, or the fear of explosion when using fuel oil boilers, or the possibility of leakage when using electricity.

4. Don't take up much space - the machine is operated automatically. In addition, the solar collector is mounted on the roof and does not take up any interior space.

5. Economical - A normal solar water heater will not be damaged and will last for at least 10 years or even 20 years. Since the basic heat source is free solar energy, it is very cost effective to use it.  


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How does Solar Thermal Heating System Work?

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